Would you buy a car from this woman?

My mantra is that anyone can be a sales person. Anyone who can hold a conversation, that is. A conversation that is all about the customer...

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Read this, or click on the image to hear an audio version, and see if you agree:

George wants to buy a new car. He walks in to the showroom and is greeted by the sales person, Sam.

After the polite ‘hellos’ Sam starts the conversation:

Sam: What type of car did you have in mind?

George: I need a family car, as my wife is expecting a baby soon.

Sam: Fantastic! When is the baby due?

George: September, so we have a few months to get sorted.

Sam: OK, so no rush to decide. Who will drive the car most of the time?

George: I will, for work. My wife will drive at weekends, or when we go on a long journey, we’ll share the driving.

Sam: Sounds like a fair arrangement. What sort of work do you do?

George: I sell blinds and curtains.

Sam: So, how many miles do you normally drive in a week?

George: Around 500. I call on people’s homes in the Wiltshire area.

Sam: That’s quite a lot. How important is fuel economy to you?

George: Very, as I’m self-employed, all of my fuel comes out of my profits.

Sam: OK. Most of our models are very fuel efficient, but I’ll make a note that we should consider the highest MPG models first. I’m guessing you have to carry samples, so will need a fairly large boot. Plus, with the baby coming along, you’ll no doubt need to have space for quite a lot of stuff when you travel away. You mentioned long journeys at weekends, when you share the driving with your wife. How often do you go away?

George: Yes, I do need to carry sample books. They’re quite heavy too. We go away around once a month as our families live in Manchester. We’ll definitely need lots of room for the baby stuff!

Sam: Well, on that basis, I’m thinking we should probably start looking at something that is easy to load and with a large access door. How does that sound?

George: Great! I don’t want anything that looks like a van, though.

Sam: Fair enough. What sort of style were you looking for?

George: An estate car would be good. I love cycling too, so need to be able to fit a roof rack.

Sam: Well, that narrows the field down well. We have a number of good estate models and they’ll all take a roof rack. What else is important to you?

George: I definitely want leather seats. A connection for my iPod would be nice, too. I get so bored, I have to be able to switch from radio to iPod or I’ll go nuts…

Yes, this is contrived, but what I hope you can see is that Sam is simply asking good questions, listening to the answers and then asking relevant further questions.

Is it likely that any car showroom has a car to meet George’s needs and wants? Yes, of course.

All Sam has to do is keep asking good questions, keep listening carefully to the answers, make sure he provides what George desires and he’ll make the sale.

Just read it through one more time.

Could you switch places with Sam and hold that conversation?  


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