What does your customer want?

Frequently, practices offer of a free treatment consultation, especially those providing invisible orthodontics and implants.  Now, while it is a great ‘hook’ to offer something for free, the downside is that it has little or no value. Patients often book and then decide not to turn up, wasting your time.

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I follow a fabulous blog by Bernadette Jiwa, called The Story of Telling – I can recommend it to you. Bernadette has a wonderful way of bringing simplicity and truth back to sales and marketing.

One of her blogs really hit home as it applies perfectly to dentistry.

Our customer’s motivations have two things in common—they are surprisingly few and they are also universal. What’s driving your customer to buy your product or service?

Does she want to…?

Solve a problem.

Fulfill a need

Satisfy a desire.

Change how she feels.

Change how someone else feels.

Reinforce her beliefs.

Have a story to tell.

Understanding the story the customer tells herself helps you to tell a true story she can believe in.

By spending time with your patient, asking good questions about her, finding out what her motivation really is will allow her to convey what is driving her to get the treatment done.

By allowing her to articulate her desires to you, she will automatically be reminding herself of the reasons; thus she will be buying for herself – No selling required.

All of those bullet points have a personal value to the patient. They are not dental treatments, they are outcomes, wants or desires.


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