Ultimately I do this job to help my clients become more successful at sales, so receiving fantastic feedback is the icing on the cake. Here are some letters and comments from clients I’ve been privileged to work with over the years.

“In 2014 Simon was brought in by my employer to provide me with consultative sales training. Following which Simon joined me in the field to provide real time coaching and feedback, and since then has been a regular sounding board.

His initial approach opened my eyes to what true selling is about and his strong bias on communication has helped me massively in communicating effectively with others. Another skill is the ability to plan and ask intelligent questions, so I can draw out important topics from people which I can expand upon and discuss in more detail.

2015-2017 were the best sales for our business, by far, with 2017 being almost 100% higher than any previous year. Market conditions were kind but our ability to capture the lion’s share can be directly attributed to the time I spent with Simon. My sales performance led me on to securing a global sales director role, and I have already had Simon in to repeat his work with members of my own team who are realising the benefits.

I have no hesitation in recommending Simon’s training and coaching services and will be happy to take any calls or emails to give further references.”

Paul Fowler, Sales Director (Burke Porter Group)

“Many, many thanks for your book.

I have just finished reading it for a second time and am making summary bullet points and practicing the techniques and scripts you suggest.
From having had no experience whatsoever in private practice, and indeed, feeling embarrassed about the idea of sales, your book has helped immensely. I also find the patient/ dentist discussion very interesting, almost like chess – but both parties win.

I think it will be one of these gems that I will return to read, time and time again.”

Dr Katy Kennedy -

“Many thanks for the drop box link and the slides. The best outcome of the day is that you take the fear out of me with regards to selling because it is just a conversation. There is nothing to worry about and we are just giving people what they want.

Thank you again for a very useful day and I look forward to trying it out and keep practicing. Hope that next year I will report a massive difference with my private uptake of treatment.

Hope you have had a good rest with chocolates and whiskey after the drive!”

Dr Sam Wong – Revive Dental, Manchester

“I really can’t thank you enough for the last 2 days. I have never had anything like this provided, so I am also truly grateful to (The practice owners) for laying it on.

I was a bit wary of a ‘sales’ course, but having met you, I truly like your style and ethos and realise it’s not like sales in the rest of the commercial world/retail etc. but tailored to the unique world we dentists work in, i.e. health care meets sales (if you get me). It suited me to a tee, as a dentist and my personality, so thanks.

At this stage of my career it’s what I badly needed after years on an NHS treadmill, and will give me the tools and approach/ framework to help prove myself.”

Dr Graham Murray, Wessington Dental

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