Small Talks

Is your organisation hindered by poor lead conversion, high turnover of staff or a general lack of confidence in the skills of the team? Faced with these challenges, business can’t grow and those inefficiencies eat into productivity and profit.

Listen – Understand – Care – Help – Deliver

With Small Talks, we focus on each member of your team as an individual – enabling them to develop exceptionally simple communication skills to increase confidence, sales and inevitably – profitability.

With the right skills, your organisation will inspire confidence from your customers and deliver them an enhanced customer experience that will help you to turn more enquiries into appointments.

Enabling managers to focus on running their business by helping their team to succeed independently.

Do you wish you had more time to focus on working on your business rather than in it?

Are you looking to grow your business by converting more enquiries into appointments?

Are you missing the confidence and peace of mind to let your team work effectively?

You want to feel confident that your team can excel without you over their shoulder, and you deserve to trust your team to perform at a high standard. We’ll help you take a step back. Small Talks training helps relieve the pressure of ‘picking up the slack’ from your team.

Let’s create your winning formula, together.

Empowering reception teams by developing their skills and giving them the confidence to flourish.

Do you worry you’ll become tongue-tied under pressure?

Are you multitasking beyond your ‘usual’ remit?

Do you feel blamed and criticised when enquiries don’t convert?

We understand you’ve pressure to perform – you’re wearing a lot of hats. With Small Talks we’ll teach you the art of sales conversation. Finally, you can be recognised for the value that (we know) you bring to the table. Feel relaxed, happier and more confident – create a better customer experience, gain your managers confidence and support your colleagues. Learn to listen and you will excel.

You’re invaluable. Let’s prove it, together.

How Does It Work?

Small Talks allow training to be designed around you, in bitesize chunks with our pay as you go model. Designed to support smaller organisations that may be unable to commit to the larger financial commitment of an extensive training programme. Our new 1-2-1 sales coaching sessions – SMALL TALKS – allows clients to buy single slots of one hour at a time.

To start, we offer a free, no obligation consultation to give you the opportunity to talk about your challenges and what support you’re looking for. Then we will prepare a proposal and plan designed specifically for your team. This will cover exactly what we will be doing and how the results will be measured and fed back. After that, its time to get started!

Commit to one hour, go for 10. Let’s see where our conversation takes you.

Our Commitment to You

We promise to rid your workplace of resentment, frustration and fear of failure. Our workshops help to open up conversations with staff and visitors alike. Uniting teams and boosting morale.

We work with you and your team to develop a process that will help you to achieve your goals, enabling you to measure your results accurately as well as monitoring ongoing progress.

Find Out How Small Talks Can Help You…

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