Business Coaching

I provide a range of sales support services; from taking on the sales role for a smaller firm or start-up to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of those selling for you. With better communication skills, they’ll not only deliver a better customer experience, increase conversion to sale, improve income and profitability but also create a motivated, happy team, comfortable with sales.

Developing a bespoke customer communication strategy that not only matches your brand values but the members of your team delivering it.

Sales Training

A great starting platform for small sales teams between 1 and 10, who might be new or with limited experience of selling, with no previous training.

To deliver the most effective sales training for you, I first observe what you do, whether that’s as a mystery shopper, in the office or in the field. Gathering information to build a unique training programme to suit your business needs and that of your team. Working with you and the team to become more comfortable and effective with “sales” so you achieve sales targets and deliver a fabulous customer experience.

I’ll provide video feedback, a full report of my findings and recommendations for immediate implementation, together with a training proposal.

Sales Coaching

For the more experienced salesperson, who might be struggling to bring in the bigger deals and could do with skills enhancement.

Delivered either 121 or to a group, the team benefit from learning more about the sales process, how to ask the right questions to prompt an improved direction of conversation, Q&A sample role plays and negotiation skills.

Persuasive Presentation Skills

For sales staff to remain effective, they need to be able to confidently present to the room.

Learn how to keep your audience’s attention when you’re in the spotlight. My persuasive presentation skills workshop is suitable for anyone who has to make presentations, from how to put the most effective pitch together, presentation skills practice, fielding questions and what to do with your hands when you’re presenting.

Negotiation Skills

A confident negotiator can comfortably navigate the complexities of many commercial conflicts. And by conflict, I mean “conflict of interest”. Could be a sales scenario, related to: price, quality, quantity or delivery, but could just as likely be non-sales related; concerning contract awards or provision of services.

Good listening skills and a willingness to “move” are the most important aspects of negotiation, using skills to understand and use negotiating practices to know when to listen, how to move towards resolution and prevent the “deadlock” where neither party is willing to move or indicate alternatives.

This workshop will give you the best chance of landing that coveted contract, empowering you to feel confident negotiating, ensuring you get the best price, without any of the awkwardness.

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