Just a Conversation

In this short book I will try to help those in dentistry that are shy of sales, and ensure more patients accept the treatment they want or need

Many dental practices spend a great deal of energy, time and money on marketing, but if your team cannot turn the enquiries generated by that marketing into appointments, you’ll never see a return on your investment!

Through a series of examples, explanations and exercises, we will break down the fear of selling and help you see just how easily you can help a patient buy what they want, without you feeling guilty.

The book includes:

  • A full, self-study course for the whole team and any future team members
  • A patient story from first enquiry phone call to treatment plan
  • Examples of conversations that can be used as role-play scripts, such as:
    • “Are you taking NHS patients?”
    • “How much does an implant cost?”
    • “The free consutlation”
  • A link to downloadable videos of the example scripts in action
  • Exercises for the individual and the team
  • All future additions and updates

Cost: £75 (incl. VAT)

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